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Original Botanical Elixir

ENERJOY® original botanical elixir uses phytomedicinal plant based ingredients that have been famous for thousands of years for their health benefits, and were also used as dyes because of their staining power. Our theory is that the dyes illuminate pathogens and enable our immune systems to find, eliminate, and remember invaders to our system. We were validated in our choice by looking at the functional foods and herbs brought 3,000 miles across the ocean to Hawaii in canoes by the original inhabitants, before there was medicine. Today they are well known for their anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting health benefits. The synergy of the ingredients in our proprietary recipe makes you feel like drinking ENERJOY® everyday!

ENERJOY® has a unique blend of all natural organic anti-inflammatory ingredients that help you feel better! They have been described in hieroglyphics in pyramids, sanskrit in Ayurvedic medicine, ancient Chinese manuscripts, and more before pharmaceuticals and medicine existed! From Hawaii with Aloha! Love Life! Good Energy!

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ENERJOY® Cosmetics products all use ENERJOY as an ingredient to help you have a healthy cosmetic experience. Our products are based on botanical phytomedicinal ingredients used for thousands of years for health. Shipping is FREE for orders $50 or more and only $10 for orders less than $50!


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