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Introducing our newest product…ENERJOY All Natural Mosquito Repellent in an unbreakable 1 fl. oz. black plastic bottle. Perfect for camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. Carry it in your pocket or purse for full time protection! Made from all natural phytomedicinal foods that are actually attractants. However the combination of the ingredients makes the mosquitoes not like it so they don’t land on you or bite you.

ENERJOY Mosquito Spray smells good to people and is very healthy for our skin, but it overwhelms the mosquito olfactory sensory organs and they can’t handle it.

Not only does our spray keep them away, if one does bite you before you spray just spray ENERJOY Mosquito Spray directly on the bite to help stop the itching and swelling fast!

Only $10 for 1 fl. oz.

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(Shipping for all ENERJOY products is $10 for orders under $50 and free for orders $50 or more)

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Vanilla Extract, Organic Green Tea, Organic Noni Juice, Organic Coffee, Organic Honey, Turmeric Root Juice, Ginkgo Biloba

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